Virtual reality to accelerate adoption of a device and the medical skills to use it

Revinax activates, develops, and maintains the skills of healthcare professionals

Revinax originated in the health sector. In 2014, neurosurgeon Maxime Ros recognized the need for a paradigm shift in how medical teams - nurses, surgeons, caregivers, surgical nurses, nurse anesthetists, and more - are trained. He launched Revinax with the idea of capitalizing on virtual reality's first-person, 3D immersion to facilitate skill acquisition and improve execution of a technical gesture or procedure.

The Revinax immersive tutorial concept was born, along with the cross-device platform (VR headsets, smartphones, computers) that would make tutorials available in best practices libraries.

The Revinax solution is currently under development in the following areas of healthcare:

Medical device manufacturers/distributors, in part by enabling companies to increase and accelerate adoption of their new equipment;

Training organizations, by providing them with an innovative solution to enrich their educational systems and take full advantage of the potential of immersive technologies.


Assets of the Revinax immersive tutorials

  • Virtual Reality + 3D video: maximum immersion

    Revinax tutorials guarantee optimal user immersion by combining subjective viewpoint 3D video with a VR environment.

    Because learners are fully engaged in the experience and free from any distraction, they memorize information better and faster.

  • First person point of view: enhanced technical learning

    Experiencing a movement or a technical gesture is a much more effective way of learning than through simple explanation. That is because the imitation mechanism and our mirror neurons are triggered (see our related article).

    Recent studies show that such “learning by imitation” is more effective when it is from the first-person view: the brain does not have to shift perspective, allowing us to better and more reliably memorize a task. The error rate can be reduced by 65%!

  • Video-realism for greater effectiveness

    The immersive potential of Revinax tutorials is significantly enhanced by the use of 3D videos captured directly in the user’s work environment.

    Memorization is improved when learners find themselves in their usual work environment.

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  • Realistic but dematerialized experiences that can be used anywhere

    Available on the Revinax platform (and viewable via VR headset or mobile phone, tablet or computer), the immersive tutorials can be used - and reused - in any context.

    This is particularly valuable for tasks that take place in restricted areas (such as operating rooms).

    revinax handbook platform
  • Freedom to make mistakes & repeatability

    When it comes to teaching complex/delicate gestures or procedures, immersive tutorials free learners from the stress of failure, promote memorization of good practices, and increase user confidence.

    Your tutorials are permanently available on the Revinax platform, where learners can use them again and again for optimal and sustainable learning.

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Accelerating adoption of a new medical device

Overcoming the obstacles to a new medical device and cultivating its adoption is a real challenge: users must be convinced of its benefits... yet these benefits often depend on proper use of the device!
By creating and sharing a Revinax tutorial, practitioners are immersed in a highly realistic user experience through which they quickly grasp the operational advantages of the new equipment.
This type of tutorial is also very effective in disseminating best practices so that the new device is used to maximum benefit. All of this is accomplished with no time or place constraints!

Quickly and widely disseminate best practices

Need to quickly disseminate best practices to all your clients on how to use your medical devices? Revinax tutorials are an exceptionally efficient solution:

  • Using virtual reality and 3D video from the first-person viewpoint, immersive tutorials provide fast, reliable learning of technical gestures and procedures.
  • Permanently available on the Revinax platform and viewable from multiple devices (VR headsets, smartphones, tablets, computers), your tutorials can be quickly shared with a large audience, anywhere in the world.
"I was very impressed by what Virtual Reality can offer as a pedagogical tool for training, but also how it can be used to disseminate and implement a new technique. It was very exciting to produce this VR tutorial with the Revinax team."
Professor of Medical Imaging and Surgeon, University of Toronto

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Revinax's expertise is available to help you figure out how your company can take advantage of virtual reality and immersive technologies.

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