Virtual reality
3D video from a first-person perspective

The best of VR/AR technologies to

  • increase your team's effectiveness and skills

  • enhance staff safety

  • boost the impact of your product demos

  • optimize team training

The idea: make real life experiences sharable
The solution: immersive tutorials

Since 2014, REVINAX has been crafting a global solution that allows companies to design their own high-fidelity immersive experience to be shared on VR devices.

It's a unique concept on the market, one that combines virtual and augmented reality with 3D video shot from the first-person point of view for optimal fidelity, effectiveness, and ease of implementation.

REVINAX works with you to design and distribute your immersive tutorials.

Discover the REVINAX solution


A unique technological mix with unprecedented advantages
based on 5 years of scientific study with convincing results


Revinax's combination of immersive technologies maximizes users’ learning capacity and effective memorization:

Errors are reduced up to 65%.


Training time is reduced by 80% and tutorial completion times are optimized through the use of subjective 3D video compared to the exclusive use of computer-generated images.

Release your first tutorial in less than one month!


Revinax tutorials can be accessed and consulted 24/7 from the multi-format platform by as many people as you want.

Free your training courses from time and place constraints.

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customized immersive experiences tailored to your industry

Use cases : the solution to your own challenges


    Onboard faster your new employees with an immersive training tutorial that safely surrounds them in the reality of their work environment. A tool that can be deployed as often as necessary, whenever you want.

  • technical training

    Train your teams in new technical procedures/operations faster and more effectively using Revinax immersive tutorials. Users immersed in the reality of their work environment, living the experience through the eyes of the expert, quickly acquire new technical skills with a high level of reliability. A tool that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

  • risk prevention

    Maximize risk awareness of accidents in your field using Revinax immersive tutorials. Immersed in the reality of their work environment, experiencing scripted, highly realistic events "from the inside” yet in complete safety, your staff will quickly (re)integrate safety instructions and raise their level of vigilance. A tool that can be used as often as needed, whenever you want.

  • Marketing & sales support

    Boost the impact of your demos and accelerate adoption of your most technical products with Revinax tutorials. Distribute the equivalent of an in-person physical demonstration as widely as you like. Clients can step into the shoes of an expert user of your product to immediately grasp all its concrete benefits. Add the sensory and emotional impact of virtual reality to your presentations!

  • QualitY & process

    Take advantage of Revinax's immersive tutorials teaching technical operations & procedures to ensure optimal process compliance by your teams. Surround them in the reality of the work environment so they can absorb instructions and methods through experience for optimal memorization. Accessible anywhere and anytime, these tutorials can be used on a regular basis by as many people as needed.




Revinax's expertise is available to help you figure out how your company can take advantage of virtual reality and immersive technologies.

Kindly & professionaly translated by Michele Hansen
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